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That all may have life - life in all its fullness


Reception Teacher: Ms. Delia Wildey

Support Staff: Karen Winzar

Welcome to Reception

In Reception we develop essential social skills to enable us to share, take turns and show empathy towards our friends.

As in Nursery we follow the interests of the children through ‘Planning in the Moment’.

We will cover the Early Years Curriculum over the course of the year.

Phonics is taught in a formal manner throughout the week.

We aim to provide our children with opportunities to interact in positive relationships and an enabling environment.

Some of the topics covered will include Fireworks, Divali, Christmas, Easter, Growing, Mini-beasts. Many of the topics covered will be directly linked to the interests of the children.

Ways to help your child at home

  • Encourage your child’s independence by allowing them to dress and undress themselves.
  • Encourage taking turns and sharing.
  • Talk, Talk, Talk.
  • Discuss story books, explain unusual words.
  • Ask questions about books e.g. What might happen next ? What happened before? Why?
  • Look at letters and words all around you.
  • Look at numbers in the supermarket, on buses, cars and houses.
  • Count the steps in your house as you go up and down.

In Maths we have been sorting shapes according to their properties. This has involved lots of discussion. 

Being creative and using imagination helps with problem solving.

These children worked together co-operatively to create their castle.