Year 2

Year 2

Teacher: Ms Walker

Support Staff: Mrs Dias, Mrs Oke and  Mr Brennan

Welcome to Year 2!

We have been thinking about The Last Supper and re telling the events.


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What do we call this special meal?

Who did Jesus give thanks to?

What did he do?

What did he say about the bread and wine?

What did he ask his friends to do?

How do you think the friends of Jesus felt?

We have also been working on many exciting topics such as Contrasting European Country ( Australia), Hot and Cold areas of the world and Living things and Habitats. 



1. What is another name for Australia?

2. Which Australian animal has a long tail, a pouch and hops to get around?

3. If I was in Australia eating a lamington, what would I be eating?

4. In which Australian city would you find the Opera House?

5. If it’s Christmas in Australia, what season is it?

6. What does a koala like to eat?

7. What kind of animals live in the Great Barrier Reef?

8). Australia is completely surrounded by water on all sides. Yes or No?

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We have been learning all about the Chinese New Year. We followed instructions to make our beautiful paper lanterns.



Paper Lanterns by Year2


General information

PE days – Monday and  Thursday 

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