GSO Test


That all may have life - life in all its fullness

Year 3

Year 3 Teacher: Mrs Donna Colliard 

Support Staff: Ms Deborah Hudson 

Welcome to Year 3


We have commenced this term by reading Stone Age Boy by Satoshi  Kitamina


A curious boy is out wandering in the woods one day, when he falls down, down, down. when he wakes up, he finds he is completely lost and has been transported back in time. He walks and walks and finally finds a strange girl, called Om.


Stone Age to Iron Age looking at a period of History that started with Stone Age and ended at the Iron Age.


We are learning about:

Rocks: Compare and group together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their apparance and simple physical properties. 

Make careful observations

Set up simple comparative tests


Again this term we are extremely fortunate to have a team of expert muscians from the London Borough of Greenwich Music Hub, teaching the children the djembe drum, ukulele and the trumpet. 


The children's swimming lessons at Thamesmere pool are on Tuesday morining. Please ensure that your child has their towel, costume/shorts and swimming hat, £1.10 to purchase from Thamesmere pool reception. (goggles not permitted)

 Homework Timetable 

Monday  Spelling 
Tuesday  Mathletics 
Wednesday  Bug Club 
Thursday  Grammer
Friday  General Homework 

In addition to the above, there will often be random homework set (usually in the form of mathematics work that may have been covered on the particular day, to consolidate learning), which may take the form of a worksheet to consolidate work covered the day's maths lessons. 

Further, your child has been given password for ( a spelling and grammar tool) and again, tests will be set throughout the term.

Finally, just to draw your attention to Bug Club, the excellent online reading resource children have access to. Providing reading material both fiction and non-fiction and comprehension questions to further develop your childs understanding of a text.