Year 4

Teacher: Mrs Donna Colliard 

Support Staff: Ms Hudson

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Book Title: The Wind in the Willows

Diary Entry

Persuasive writing

Describing a story setting

Role on the wall

Conscience alley

Play Script

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Rounding numbers to the nearest 10,100,1000

Negative numbers

Roman numerals

Addition and subtraction

Quadrilateral shapes


Geography: Earthquakes and volcanoes

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How earthquakes are measured

Instructions on how to prepare for an earthquake

Where in the world they are located

Write a newspaper report about a volcano or earthquake

Science: Living things and their habitats

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Insect investigation

Vertebrates and invertebrates

Venn Diagrams

Classification Keys

How changing environment can affect habitats

To find out more about what we will doing throughout the whole year please click the link below. Year-4-Curriculum