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Pupil Premium

In 2011, the Government introduced a Pupil Premium. This is in addition to Schools main funding and is allocated to children from low-income families who are currently known to be eligible for Free School Meals.

We believe strongly that the pupil premium should be used creatively to make enhanced impact on children to FSM. Evidence – e.g recent Sutton Trust report – suggests that “catch up” programmes that are not tailored to individual needs are often ineffective.

The government provides funding targeted at addressing inequalities that some children may experience in life. As a school we have allocated the money to ensure that our vulnerable children achieve the best possible support. One of the measures for assessing the impact of this funding is to look at those children who claim free school meals (FSM).

Amount of Pupil Premium Received

Year  Pupil Premium Funding 
2014-2015 £65,000
2015-2016 £59,400
2016-2017 £55,440
2017-2018 £55,440
2018-2019 £40,920

How we used Pupil Premium:

Key Areas Impact
Sports provision:
Sports coach provides organised lunchtime activities from Yr 2 upwards.After school clubs and dance workshops. This has provided opportunities for children to work in a team and develop social skills. This impacts positively on the children’s learning in the afternoon session.This has allowed all children the opportunity to access a variety of sports and participation in competitions and performances.

Extended Day and Educational Visits:
Funding has been allocated to enable vulnerable children to attend Breakfast Club and after school provision. It has also been used to support funding for educational visits Funding has ensured that all children, regardless of personal circumstances, have had equal access to wider educational experiences. Provision before and after school has enabled the school to support parents and carers with their work commitments.

Learning Support:
Funding has been used to provide Intervention support to work with small groups and one to one with targeted children. It has also been used to provide booster classes. This provision supported children to make accelerated progress and achieve levels of attainment which have exceeded the national average at the end of each key stage. Children who receive Pupil Premium made better than nationally expected progress across the school and therefore closed the gap between their attainment and that of their peers.

Pupil Premium Strategy attached - Pupil-Premium-Strategy