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That all may have life - life in all its fullness

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

The aim of our school is excellence in education in accordance with the teachings of the church.

We recognise that everyone is unique and has something to offer and we seek to develop each child’s potential in a learning community where all are respected.

We want every child to achieve and experience success.

Working in partnership with children, their parents, our parish and the wider community, we promote Christ’s teaching as found in the Gospel so that ‘all may have life, life in all its fullness’.

We aim to ensure this is done by;

  • Praying together
  • Living and working together as a loving, caring and forgiving community
  • Valuing the experience and diversity of every person in our community
  • Encouraging the children to achieve of their best – mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Helping all in our community to experience the joy of learning and working together


Children's Mission Statement