Year 5

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Teacher: Miss Morris

Support Staff: Mrs Hudson

Our school has recently become a Google Champion School, which means we are the very first class to use Google Chromebooks as a resource for daily learning. Year 5 will build more independence, ICT competence and develop safe practices when editing and submitting work online. These skills will play an essential role when transitioning into secondary school as their confidence will be soaring when accessing their education online.

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Year 5 will be using Classroom by Google daily. This will allow them to have access to daily learning materials and extra activities to assist those students who need support or extension work.


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Over the Summer term we will be studying the Gothic Genre. We will be analysing the features of Gothic stories and becoming confident in using new literary devices and vocabulary found primarily within this genre.

Alongside this unit, students will be reviewing SPAG that has been covered across Year 5 to prepare them for their transition into your 6.

Spelling has been a major focus this year as students have been introduced to new vocabulary in preparation for 11+ and SATS testing. Spelling is tested every Friday; all students will learn their spelling when completing daily homework tasks. 

The ability to read and comprehend confidently are important for students to be able to identify and discuss themes and conventions in their writing. I encourage all parents to read weekly with their child and devise higher order thinking questions to ask before, during and after they have read.

For examples of High Order Thinking Questions. Click here. and also, Bloom’s Taxonomy Guided Reading Questions


The following maths concepts are currently a key focus:

  • Time – Analogue, Digital and 24-Hour. Problem Solving. 
  • Geometry – Angles
  • Multiplication and Halving
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Percentages
  • Measurement – Length and Distances
  • Problem Solving

I have sent students a copy of a Reasoning and Problem Solving test on Google Classroom. This can be used as a guide for parents to access an understanding of what level of questioning is expected from these concepts.


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Summer term challenges:

You have been commissioned to create an inspirational and informative collection of scientific illustrations on the theme of animal and plant life cycles. Develop your mastery of key art skills as you create accurate and eye catching illustrations that tell the life cycle story of a range of nature’s wonders. Select your best work to be entered into the ‘Excellence in Scientific Illustration’ awards. Along the way hone your skills as a natural scientist and top off your work with an audience with David Attenborough, Jane Goodall and their natural scientist colleagues.

One of the big publishing houses in the UK has approached you to write a children’s non-fiction book about the human lifecycle. Can you research and collate information on growth, development, puberty and old age, and present it in a sensitive and logical way that is suited to children aged 8-12? Are you up for the challenge of creating a visually appealing and marketable book that will fly of the shelves? You have 6 weeks until the deadline…