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Talking to Us

Parents interested in sending their children to our school and wishing to visit in order to look at the opportunities provided should contact our Senior Administrative Officer.

We believe that it is vital to your child’s education and well-being that you involve yourselves in whatever they are doing at school.

The school keeps in touch with parents in a variety of ways: weekly newsletters, letters from the Headteacher, curriculum letters from staff, via our website and through meetings on specific issues. We also run curriculum meetings each term to which all parents are invited providing an opportunity for sharing information and discussion.

Parents of children due to transfer to secondary school information on secondary transfer is given. The Headteacher also meets with any parent who requires further advice in completing the Common Application Form.

Parents can also see a wide range of school documents many of which are on our website. If you would like to see any policies do ask. You can also see your child’s confidential records in the presence of the Headteacher. If you wish to make use of this facility, you will need to make an appointment by contacting the Senior Administrator Officer.