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School Uniform

To help our children take pride in belonging to St Margaret Clitherow, we encourage all of them to wear school uniform. 

The school uniform is available Online at Parents Direct: or seleted items from the School Office once payment has been made on the school cashless system.


Summer Winter 
Grey shorts  Grey trousers
White short sleeved shirt  White long sleeved shirt 
Navy & White tie (elasticated or normal  Navy & White tie (elasticated or normal)
White polo shirt (with school logo) Royal blue knitwear school jumper (with school logo)
Royal blue school jumper  Black sensible shoes
Black sensible shoes White, grey or navy socks
White, grey or navy socks  Dark blue or black anorak/coat 
Royal blue school cap 


Summer  Winter 
Blue/white gingham dress or Navy blue tunic/skirt  Navy gym-slip skirt 
White short sleeved shirt  White blouse / shirt 
Navy & White tie  White, navy socks / navy tights
White polo shirt  Navy & White tie 
Royal blue school cardigan  Royal blue school cardigan 
Black sensible shoes (no boots) Dark blue or black anorak/coat 
Black sensible shoes (no boots)

Physical Education  Boys & Girls 

Summer  Winter 
White polo / t shirt  White t-shirt 
Royal blue shorts  Navy blue jogging bottoms
Black trainers Navy blue sweatshirt top to match the bottoms 
Black trainers 

 Nursery Uniform 

Boys  Girls 
White polo t shirt  White polo t shirt 
Navy blue jogging bottoms Navy blue jogging bottoms / leggings 
Gold school sweatshirt  Gold school sweatshirt 

All pupils require a Royal blue document bag, P.E and Nylon coated swim bag.

Please ensure all uniform is labelled with your child's name. 

There is an expectation that children have appropriate, simple hairstyles (no razor or extreme cuts and no coloured hair).

For safety reasons, it is preferable that no jewellery is worn however the school will allow very small stud earnings. Wrist watches may be worm at parents' risk. These must be removed for physical education. The school does not accept liability for the loss of clothing or other property left by any person on the premises.