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RE Ambassadors

Our RE Ambassadors are role models of faith in our school and as a group are working together in sharing their love of prayer and worship with all members of our school community. 

Together they;

Help to plan and lead assemblies and Masses

Organise and lead class prayer times with other pupils

Lead lunchtime prayer opportunities eg: Rosary during the month of October

Ensure that class prayer areas are tidy and reflect the season.

Organise fund-raising for charity

Support younger children with their spiritual development


Our RE Ambassadors for this academic year 2023 -2024:



MacMillan Fundraising 

The RE Ambassadors and School Council at work with our Friends of St Margaret Clitherow to raise funds for MacMillan charity . 


MacMillan Fundraising

Our RE Ambassadors helping Year 1


Year 1



Prayer Club

Prayer club is run by the RE Ambassadors every Thursday. This month we are thinking about October as a special month dedicated to the Holy Rosary.

We are thinking about the Joyful Mysteries this week. Mysteries are moments in the life of Jesus and Mary.